Welcome to CrossFit Electric City. As the first fully accredited CrossFit gym in Anderson, SC, we focus on improving overall fitness through mechanics, consistency, intensity, and community. Clients safely learn proper movement and technique, which is consistently coached and re-coached in order to improve overall performance.

CFEC training is primarily run in group classes. Leave your ego at the door and bring your positive desire to get fit.  Your size, age, gender, skill level, etc is no matter. Workouts are scaled for any and all fitness levels, so anyone from the most elite athlete to the complete beginner will be able to workout on the same floor at the same time. This is the beauty of CrossFit.

We are not your typical gym. Every day, we will have a new workout prepared for you. There will always be a certified CrossFit trainer leading classes, so you will be personally engaged throughout the workout. And you will always get a great workout. Each client gets the personal trainer feel, without the personal trainer price.

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to CrossFit, then click on Getting Started to learn more.