College Football Ramblings - Week 10-11

Wanted to get my take thrown out there before the CFP does their thing.  Missed last week, but minus Texas A&M @#$%ing the bed, nothing of significance really happened.  Now this past weekend made things much more interesting and exciting.

Clemson's has toed the line several games this year, but in the grand scheme of things I don't think it makes a difference if they win out.  They'll still end up with a 2 or 3 seed after they win the ACC championship.  And again, thanks to the Coastal division for representing themselves this weekend.  Seriously, no wants to win that side of the conference.

Big 10
Wow, things just got uber complicated over here.  Right now, if Ohio State beats Michigan (likely), then Penn State controls their own destiny in the East, and could play for the Big 10 championship.  This to me is the doomsday scenario.  I just don't think Penn State deserves to be there, but they've taken care of business...except for a 49-10 beat down from Michigan and a narrow loss to Clemson's nemesis, Pitt.  Anyway if a 2 loss Penn State wins the Big 10, should they get a nod over a 1 loss Michigan or Ohio State.  My answer...NO!  But that means everything I've ever said about winning your conference flies out the window.  What a fiasco. 

Big 12
This cannot be happening.  Here comes Oklahoma.  Please, I'm begging whoever is listening.  Don't be fooled by a joke of a conference.  Oklahoma doesn't deserve a spot and they've proven it every time they play a team outside of the Big 12 (0-2) not named Louisiana-Monroe.

Pac 12
I actually thought Washington was going to lose to Washington State in their final game and get knocked out, but instead they just got beat.  I think Clemson and Michigan both win rematches almost every time.  Washington looked weak against USC.  And that now ends any chance of the Pac 12 getting into the playoff.

Alabama could lose to Auburn and they'll still get in.  I'm still going to watch that game in a couple weeks.  Now it's just who will they play from the east.

These are my predictions as of right now for the final rankings in the CFP
1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Ohio State
4. Louisville

Why you ask?  I think Clemson and Ohio State are interchangeable at 2 and 3.  With the injury to Wilton Speight, I don't think Michigan can beat Ohio State, which means Penn State plays for the Big 10 championship and loses to Wisconsin.  Wisconsin gets shipped to the Rose Bowl and Ohio State, who beat Wisconsin gets in.  Clemson wins the ACC championship, and as a conference champ, they get bumped up over both Ohio State and Louisville.  Louisville wins out, and with only 1 loss to Clemson, they've earned a spot.  Plus who doesn't want to see the Heisman trophy winner take on the vaunted Alabama defense.  If this scenario plays out, I'm good with it, but Wisconsin and Penn State fans won't be.

Dear Clay Helton, I may owe you an apology.  While USC isn't great, they are a lot better, could still win the Pac 12, and have a QB for the foreseeable future in Sam Darnold.

Dear Mark Helfrich, I don't owe you an apology.  Oregon needs to part ways and beg Chip Kelly to come back.

Dear LSU, I guess you have to give Orgeron a chance.  They're playing really well, and I think they beat Florida handily handing the lousy East to Tennessee...unless they can't get past Vanderbilt.  You never know.

Dear television watching, not a whole lot of games this weekend.  Anyone have any good movies to watch?

Enjoy the weekend, see y'all on the next.

College Football Ramblings - Week 9

Didn't learn much, except the College Football Committee enjoys a little drama.  So seriously, if both Texas A&M and Washington go undefeated the rest of the way, Washington cannot jump A&M.  A&M still plays LSU while Washington's only remaining game is versus Washington State.  So strength of schedule won't allow UW to ever jump them.  I understand why they did it, I'm just not sure I like the idea of assuming a team might lose.

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College Football Ramblings - Weeks 7 & 8

I went out of town and never had the opportunity to get my thoughts down on paper.  Sorry to those of you who actually read these each week.  There may be a little reminiscing from a couple weeks ago, but it probably doesn't matter.  However, the one thing I learned, is I really know nothing, and you should be aware of that while reading the following.  Anyway, only 3 games worth paying attention to barring any unforeseen circumstances.  

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College Football Ramblings - Week 6

Things are beginning to truly shape up, and there are 2-3 games this week that will help solidify a few more questions.  Let's go.

Clemson's it, it's just about who they'll play for the ACC.  They look great right now, and have fallen into a rhythm that looks unstoppable. 

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College Football Ramblings - Week 5

Right to the content today.

This conference is Clemson's to lose.  They have a down Florida State, and the ACC Championship, and they will not lose those games.  While watching the start of the game on TV, you could tell the atmosphere was electric and I sent a text out to a buddy with "I'm backing off my pick."

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