College Football Ramblings - Week 6

Things are beginning to truly shape up, and there are 2-3 games this week that will help solidify a few more questions.  Let's go.

Clemson's it, it's just about who they'll play for the ACC.  They look great right now, and have fallen into a rhythm that looks unstoppable.  Virginia Tech has been ignored all year, but after last week's dismantling of UNC, they have a real shot at claiming the Coastal.  They still play an interesting Miami, and an imploding Notre Dame.  Both winnable games, and after leaning on UNC last week, I'm turning my attention to  Va Tech for the reminder of the season.  Evans is a playmaker at QB with a Cam Newton build (no, I'm not saying he's Cam Newton), and their defense shut down a good UNC offense, even if it was in inclement weather.  Now on to Miami.  They're defense looks solid, but just not sure they're ready to take that next step.  It's really hard to say what that loss to Florida State means, because I honestly don't know what kind of team FSU truly has.  But right now, Justin Fuente and Mark Richt look like really good hires for Va Tech and Miami.  

Big Ten
Ohio State-Wisconsin.  I think OSU whips them.  I don't think this will be close, and we just have to wait on the game between them and Michigan, which is played in Columbus.  I give the edge to OSU all the way through.  Like Clemson I think they finish undefeated.

Big 12
Oklahoma is going to win this conference.  I don't know how, they just are.  Then everyone will talk about how their early losses don't count, and it's how they're playing "right now".  They'll get plugged undeservingly (because they're "Oklahoma") into the playoff, and proceed to get smoked.  Collectively, we will all question what they were doing there in the first place.  This is my doomsday scenario for the CFP.  West Virginia and Baylor...meh.

Pac 12
Washington, what more is there to say.  I like them.  Their defense is playing great, their sophomore QB can sling the ball, I discussed my affection for their head coach.  What else do you want from me.  They should go undefeated the rest of the way and make the playoff.  If they do lose however, I'm okay if they're yanked out of contention.  They can't lose, because they don't play anyone.  The wivalry game versus Washington State could be tough.  Again, I just think their D is too good.

I don't like Tennessee, but I love watching their football games.  They have been week to week some of the most exciting games to watch.  Kamara is a stud, and Dodds is good, but I don't think Butch Jones holds a candle to Saban in the coaching department.  But Alabama's secondary is obviously not that good.  So the question becomes, can Dodds throw the ball.  Alabama has also typically struggles with mobile QBs.  Tennessee can absolutely win, I just don't think they will.  
Speaking of Alabama, Jalen Hurts reminds me of Deshaun Watson in his demeanor.  He doesn't appear to get rattled (Lamar Jackson), and he just has a winners mentality.  Young kid, but I'd trust him leading a game winning drive.
Ole Miss rolls Our-kansas by the way.

First 4: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington
Next 4: Louisville, Michigan, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, but not for long (Actually I think Ole Miss is a team no one would want to play the rest of the way.  Two losses in games they should have one, and I don't think they lose again.  Unless Chad Kelly screws up somehow, which isn't that far fetched.)

Dear Houston...oh well, see ya.  But how about Navy?  Is anyone really that upset when Army, Navy, or any of the other service academies plays well?  I'm not, I love it.  I hope they stomp Notre Dame too.

Dear LSU and Georgia, c'mon, let's figure this out.  Both sides sound pretty whiny at this point, and neither team is going anywhere fast this year.  Just work it out.

Dear Baylor, I just can't see a Jim Grobe team making any noise in the latter part of the season.

Dear Notre Dame, I know you're down, but I wouldn't fire Brain Kelly.  He's a good coach but just made the wrong decision at QB and defensive coordinator.  You know, minor things for a football team.  Actually, maybe you should fire him, but don't.

Dear Colorado, thanks for losing to USC (sarcasm).  I've been talking y'all up to Sullivan Bolt, and you finally go and get yourself ranked, and then poof, up in smoke (see what I did there).  I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

Enjoy this weekend, see y'all on the next.