College Football Ramblings - Weeks 7 & 8

I went out of town and never had the opportunity to get my thoughts down on paper.  Sorry to those of you who actually read these each week.  There may be a little reminiscing from a couple weeks ago, but it probably doesn't matter.  However, the one thing I learned, is I really know nothing, and you should be aware of that while reading the following.  Anyway, only 3 games worth paying attention to barring any unforeseen circumstances.  

It's still Clemson.  I think they role FSU this weekend.  Clemson has played to the level of their competition this year, and that's why they haven't played as well.  Everyone keeps telling me that the stats show they are just as good as last year, and maybe they are.  Winning the NC State game was luck at the end, and to say otherwise is a lie.  I think even if Clemson loses a game they are good for the ACC championship and the playoff.  But again, I don't think they'll lose the rest of the way.

Big Ten
Had I written last week, I would've given Wisconsin a lot of credit and said Ohio State was suspect.  But I would have never picked Penn State over OSU.  I'm wavering on them to win the Big 10.  Maybe it is Michigan's year.  I don't know, Michigan's quarterbacks name is under pressure...I don't know, we'll see, so far so good for Big Blue.  I think Wisconsin handles Nebraska.  But I'll watch.

Big 12
I'm still picking Oklahoma, and I don't think they're very good.  I just kind of enjoy watching the Big 12 getting left out of the playoff.  I don't know why, I just don't think they deserve a team until they pick up 2 more teams and have a championship.  

Pac 12
Washington and Utah...I'll pay attention, but I think Washington's biggest challenge will be Washington State.  Wivalry game and Mike Leach is a pirate.  I still like Washington the rest of the way...but again what do I know.

I know everyone is handing Alabama the championship, but that's when a team is ripe to lose.  I think they are really, really good, but beatable.  I'm not sold on Texas A&M, and apparently Hurts can't throw a deep ball.  I think both LSU and Auburn post interesting challenges.  However, I don't think either has an offense that can really challenge Alabama's defense, even as their secondary got weaker with the loss of Eddie Jackson.

First 4: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State (think they still beat Michigan, but don't feel nearly as confident, Washington (PS, this is always in alphabetical order, not seeded)
Next 4: Louisville, Michigan, Texas A&M (hung with Bama, but made big mistakes), West Virginia

Dear Big 12, go get Houston right now.  They're down, and just another decent program.  If they had challenged for a playoff spot, would've been tough, but they are just an also ran this year.

Dear Virginia Tech, thanks for making me look bad by losing to Syracuse.  Way to step up and take the Coastal division.  Sheesh, I guess we are back to UNC taking the crown of that division.

Dear Ole Miss, thanks for making me look really bad by losing 2 in a row after I said you were the best 2 loss team and in my next 4. 

Dear LSU's AD, thanks for making yourself look bad.  You seem like a child, who made the process of rescheduling the game with Florida a lot harder than it had to be.

Enjoy this weekend, see y'all on the next