College Football Ramblings - Week 5

Right to the content today.

This conference is Clemson's to lose.  They have a down Florida State, and the ACC Championship, and they will not lose those games.  While watching the start of the game on TV, you could tell the atmosphere was electric and I sent a text out to a buddy with "I'm backing off my pick."  But regardless, I picked Louisville, and Whitney Cox let me know of my poor pick...through Brandon that is.  That home crowd was awesome.  They caused false starts and a huge poor snap resulting in a turnover.  If that game is played anywhere else or at a different time, I think Louisville would win.  But currently, Clemson has the greatest home field advantage in college football.  Side note, Ben Boulware was just playing football.  Haters, let it go.  Stuff like that happens all the time ands goes uncalled or unnoticed.  
Curious to see how Florida State and Miami shapes up.  Looks like it will be UNC or Miami coming out of the Coastal.  No thoughts on either, but I'm leaning towards UNC.

Big 10
Ohio State will be beat everyone in front of them.  I'd put them as my second lock behind Clemson to win their conference.  Michigan is good, but they could barely score on Wisconsin.  Ohio State's defense is right there, and their offense is world's better than Wisconsin's.  Ohio State's schedule is back heavy.  They still play Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and a disappointing Michigan State.  OSU is in.

Big 12

Pac 12
Washington is where things in the playoff get hazy.  They were great against Stanford.  But they have to do that versus everyone else.  The only team they have on their schedule that is currently ranked is #24 Utah.  Oregon and USC have talent, but flat out suck between the headset.  If they go undefeated and win the Pac 12, can you leave them out for a 1 loss Louisville (barring a very compelling match up with Houston)?  I don't think the CFP committee will.

The most intriguing games this weekend are here.  Alabama's next 4 games are at #20 Arkansas, at # 9 Tennessee, #8 Texas A&M, and at LSU.  I don't know if they can get through that unscathed.  Their defense is really good, but the secondary is suspect.  Their offensive line is underperforming and their typical beast mode run game is as strong as it's been.  I like Hurts a lot and he's going to be really good and adds that running dimension (second on the team in yards) that Alabama rarely has.  I still think they will make the playoff, even if they lose one game, but win the SEC.
The other game is Tennessee at A&M.  I don't like Trevor Knight (not personally, just as a QB).  Tennessee is good, they're just weird in the first half.  It's hard to like a team that can't put together an entire game, and could've/should've lost last week during one of the greatest finishes in a game.

First 4 - Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Washington
Next 4 - Houston, Louisville, Michigan, Tennessee

Dear Texas, I like Charlie Strong, but you SHOULD be better by now.  I think Strong will be a great addition for any school, but maybe Texas isn't right.  All in on Tom Herman?  Better get him if you try.

Dear Georgia, your hail mary defense is odd.  Let's put our tallest guy at the back of the end zone, hmmmmm?  PS, this didn't decide the game, but that celebration penalty turned out to be quite the stomach punch.  Hard to contain emotion, but you got to be better when their is time left on the clock.  And while we are on the subject of semi-bonehead decisions, I implore all players, please hold onto the ball until you are clearly and completely in the endzone.

Dear Notre Dame, I forgot about you last week, but in case you forgot, you lost to Duke at home.  WHAT?

Dear ABC, please stop showing me Christian McCaffrey flexing on the bottom right corner of my TV.  He's really good, but has been way below average in his primetime opportunities this year, and honestly, shouldn't be invited to New York based on those performances.  He's going to be a nice slot receiver in the NFL. 

Enjoy this weekend, see y'all on the next.