College Football Ramblings - Week 9

Didn't learn much, except the College Football Committee enjoys a little drama.  So seriously, if both Texas A&M and Washington go undefeated the rest of the way, Washington cannot jump A&M.  A&M still plays LSU while Washington's only remaining game is versus Washington State.  So strength of schedule won't allow UW to ever jump them.  I understand why they did it, I'm just not sure I like the idea of assuming a team might lose.  Or is the Committee under the assumption that they'll give it to Washington if they play for the Pac 12 championship.  If that's the case, then just give 4 spots to each winner of the major conferences that aren't the Big 12.

Not much to discuss here.  This conference is all but locked up.  Clemson's win against Auburn is looking really good right now.  Clemson won't lose again, but if they do, they're boners who should still go to the CFP.

Big 10
It's official, I'm jumping off the Ohio State bandwagon and hitching a ride with my boy Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.  As some of you know, Harbaugh annoys me, but there is no denying his coaching abilities.  I also gave Wilton Speight some grief over his name last week, which was unfair.  He's pretty darn good.  Michigan still hasn't played anyone outside of home, so they still have a lot to prove, and I think the committee putting them at 3 is correct.  They only have one more game against an uninspiring Ohio State.  I'll pay attention to OSU and Nebraska, and I'll even give Nebraska credit for the way they played at Wisconsin last week.  This is make or break for Ohio State this weekend, and I think they break.

Big 12
Oklahoma controls their own destiny, imagine that.  I'm begging the committee to not allow Oklahoma or any other Big 12 teams near the playoff.

Pac 12
I didn't watch a single snap of the Washington and Utah game, but I was personally disappointed.  I expected more from Washington.  A road win against a ranked opponent is always great, but I feel they need to show out a little more against a weak conference.  I still think they are going to have a tough go with Washington State, and if Utah wins out, UW may have to play them again in the Pac 12 championship.  I suppose that would allow them to jump A&M...if they win out.

2 games left in the conference, Alabama versus LSU and then Auburn.  Alabama should be considered the #1 team in the country, and I still think they could have a loss on their record to get a nod to the playoff.  They are a team full of studs.  I don't expect much from Fournette Saturday unless he breaks a long run.  Alabama takes care of business on the road.

First 4 - Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, Washington
Next 4 - Louisville, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Wisconsin (seriously, 3 Big 10 teams...unbelievable)

Dear ABC/ESPN, I'm enjoying a College Football Saturday, and your bottom line keeps interrupting itself with "score updates" from crappy NBA games.  Stop it, we don't care.  I know somebody does, but I don't need to see who is winning the Knicks-Bucks game.

Dear USC (Southern Cal), bet you wish you had hired Ed Orgeron.

Dear USC (South Carolina), you haven't got much air time here this year; but Jake Bentley has been impressive thus far, especially considering he's a senior in high school.  Congrats on finding a potential QB for the next few years.

Dear CFP, while I don't agree with your current standings, there is a lot of football left, and I have a feeling everything will work itself out by the end of the conference championships.

Enjoy the weekend, see y'all on the next