College Football Ramblings - Weeks 1-3 - 2016

Well, it's been a while, and I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to attempt to discuss college football this year, but hear we are.  My biggest set back, I haven't paid as much attention and tend to go to bed at halftime of every important game starting at 730 pm and beyond.  So everything I say may not necessarily be what I witnessed firsthand, therefore I'm just a rumor monger.  Regardless, let's have some fun with it and get the conversation going.  I decided to wait an extra 2 weeks, because let's be honest, everyone overreacts after week 1, and week 2 most teams scheduled a cupcake.  I'm only going to discuss teams with a shot of making the College Football Playoff, unless I just need to vent.  Being the first post, this one will probably be a little longer.

Louisville - I'm jumping on the Louisville bandwagon.  This is not in the sense of being a fan, but I think they are this year's Clemson.  I'm going to Walt Deptulla (not sure of spelling) you a little with a quote from Week 1's blog from last year.  "Louisville's freshmen quarterback (Lamar Jackson) looks like a winner.  That kid totally turned around the game against Auburn.  5 more minutes and Louisville wins that game.  His mobility was electrifying (Michael Vick-ish), and he's going to be a beast.  Real tough for college defenses to contain, and I think Louisville will be ranked very soon."  Well, let's just state the obvious, he's the best player in college football after 3 weeks, and it looks like teams will have to outscore UL, because containment doesn't seem to be an option.  Two more tests, Clemson and Houston will show whether or not they are legit.
Florida State - While their season isn't over, they probably won't get a shot.  It would be hard to put them in the College Football Playoff after that beat down, even if they win out.  
Clemson - I think they're fine.  Obviously they have Louisville and Florida State still, but they haven't looked sharp.  I don't care that they whipped SC Upstate.

Big 10
Ohio State
- Like them or not, per the norm, they seem to be the cream of the Big 10 crop.  I think they'll win the Big 10, but I will say I'm excited for the games between OSU, UM, and MSU.  I think those 3 make it interesting.
Michigan - Play somebody...I have no clue what they are.  My upset special last weekend was Colorado over Michigan.  Oh well...they need to play somebody.  And by the way, I'm over Harbaugh.
Michigan State  - I was impressed with MSU with what I saw of the Notre Dame game.  They play Wisconsin this weekend, and we'll get another good look at them.

Big 12
Texas was my pick at the beginning of the season.  I'm a big Charlie Strong fan, and love what he is doing with the program.  They're a year away after a disappointing loss to Cal.  Nobody else is worth discussing.

Pac 12
Washington - Chris Petersen is the new Urban Meyer.  Meyer proved his abilities at Utah, and Petersen at Boise State.  I don't know a whole lat about the Pac 12, but I think Washington's coach is a winner, unlike Mark Helfrich at Oregon and Clay Helton at USC.  Washington hasn't played anyone yet, so kind of like somebody.
Stanford - They're good, and they'll probably win the conference, but my actual pick is Washington.  Stanford was strong against USC, but they aren't very good, so no shock there.  I can barely stay awake for most east coast games, so don't expect me to watch too many west coast games.

Alabama - They're it.  The rest of the SEC isn't going to make a dent nationally.  While they're number 1, they are 100% beatable.  There are only about 2-3 teams that can do it, Louisville, Clemson, and Ohio State.  They all have outstanding mobile quarterbacks that can elude Bama's pass rush.  And as Chad Kelly proved, Alabama's secondary is suspect again this year. 

Dear Tennessee, you don't look very good thus far.  Lots of hype, haven't seen it yet.  But at least you don't have to play Florida's starting QB.  Butch Jones...ugh.

Dear Oregon, your program is dying under the watch of Mark Helfrich.  Get rid of him sooner rather than later.

Dear Jim Harbaugh, take the stick out of your...   

Dear Houston, beat Louisville and I think you should get a shot at the CFP.  That's a tall order right now.

Dear Oklahoma, Bob Stoops...maybe it's time to part ways.  Another high expectationed, disappointing season.  I'm not sure if "expectationed" is an actual word or grammatically correct, but I'm ok with that.

Playoff Prediction (in no particular order) - Alabama, Louisville, Ohio State, and a 1 loss Clemson

See y'all next week