College Football Ramblings - Week 4 - 2016

Alright, so not much has changed after last week as far as my predictions go, but obviously this weekend could have a huge impact.  Going to discuss the big games of the weekend for our post this week.  

This is the game, is it not?  Louisville-Clemson should be fun as an innocent bystander.  I think UL is this year's Clemson, and has played without pressure and expectations...until now. Clemson playing at home is a huge advantage and they looked better last week.  They've been playing to the level of their competition to earn wins, which I think can sometimes haunt you, but so far so good.  I don't think Clemson can stop Louisville, but they have the potential to stay with them on offense.  Clemson needs to punch them in the mouth early, or Louisville will win.  This will be Clemson's only loss of the regular season, but by how much.  By the way, Florida State and North Carolina are also playing.  Can FSU bounce back?  I think so.

Big 10
Did not see Wisconsin coming.  Guess we'll finally get to see if Michigan is for real.  I still think Ohio State owns the conference.  But again, the top of the conference is intriguing this year.  I still just can't get behind Wisconsin, and think Michigan will win that one.  Plus I want to see what Jabril Peppers is all about.  Lots of hype surrounding him right now.

Big 12

Pac 12
I've watched some of Stanford's games the past 2 weeks.  Looked good against a week USC, thought Stanford looked week against UCLA, even though they won.  Haven't watched a snap of a single Washington game, but I'm picking them.  Again, UW has a great coach,  in an area that is probably taking all the recruits Oregon used to get with Chip Kelly at the helm.  These 2 are the only chance for the Pac 12 this year getting in the playoff, so I'm going to attempt to stay up late on Friday for this one.  Gonna be a lazy workout on Saturday.

The only watchable game (that actually won't be that watchable) is Tennessee-Georgia.  UT the complete antithesis of last years team.  Last year - strong early in the game and weak late to lose.  Apparently they are a second half team, or at least dig a hole and climb their way out.  They looked much better in that second half against Florida.  Georgia is hugely unimpressive though far, and I expect that trend to continue.  What's acceptable for Kirby Smart's first year, because Georgia fandom is going to be tested.
Real quick side thought.  Everyone is claiming that Texas A&M is Alabama's biggest competition in the SEC West.  Good luck with that, Trevor Knight looks like garbage, and Bama's D will demolish garbage QB play.

Dear Big 12, better go get Houston, and figure out a way to get a conference championship. 

Dear College Football Playoff Committee, can we please get an 8 team playoff?

Dear Florida, that was some scared football in the second half last week.   

Dear USC, the situation under Clay Helton is far worse than I thought.  Or, if you prefer.  If Will Muschamp couldn't win with Florida talent, can he win with South Carolina's?

Dear LSU, he's a bad dude, but Art Briles?  Look at Bobby Petrino now after his scandal, which to be fair probably wasn't as heinous as the Baylor situation.  But someone's going to give Briles a shot, and you aren't going to pull Tom Herman.  Who else...Lane Kiffin, bring back a little Saban magic? HA, good luck with that.

Enjoy this weekend, see y'all on the next