2017 C2K - Week 1 Results

2017 C2K Week 1 Results

-Low score wins the week
-The team that finishes with the most points will be disbanded and moved to one of the 5 remaining teams
-Next week is a new week and all previous scores are wiped clean

1st - Team 5 - 407 Points
2nd - Team 2 - 448 Points
3rd - Team 3 - 449 Points
4th - Team 6 - 468 Points
5th - Team 1 - 481 Points
6th - Team 4 - 500 Points

-Sorry team 4, you have been eliminated. You will receive a fresh start with a new team next week.  Stay tuned to the blog for the new team alignments.

-These scores are actually all really close, and we had several no shows on every team.  Please try to get the workout in each week.  Your presence WILL help your team.  

-Special thanks to Nicole Bowen, Lindsey Leonard, and Tyler Tatum for your extra assistance with the scoring sheets and process.