WhiteBoard Talks - Week Five Recap

WhiteBoard Talks - Week 5 - Monday

Topic - Alcohol

The main focus of this topic is not to say what is right or wrong about the consumption of alcohol, but to give you some facts about how alcohol affects your body from a recovery and performance point of view. Everyone knows that excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided in all facets, but how does a post workout brew affect your body and its ability to recover?

To start lets layout how your body reacts to alcohol.

Once consumed stomach and small intestines start to absorb the alcohol into the blood stream, generally with ten minutes you will start to feel the effects of consumption. Once the alcohol is consumed your body identifies it as a toxin. Naturally your body wants to rid itself of toxins, and alerts your digestive system to make the alcohol a priority to process and pass through as fast as possibly (this is why it is a diuretic). Now that your digestive system is focusing on the alcohol it is not focusing on any other nutrient rich food that you may have consumed with that drink. You may not need all those excess calories you ate and potentially will store them as fat. 

Next question, how will alcohol affect performance and recover?

Alcohol, beer, and wine, post exercise is a continuing debate of right and wrong, with numerous studies to see how athletic performance and recovery is affected. Knowing how it affects the digestive system is a good start, but numerous studies show that a drink or two post-workout are better than having a sports drink post-workout. A beer will contain significantly more water per volume than sports drinks and will have more electrolytes at a higher volume than those sports drinks too. This does not mean that you should pound a beer post workout everyday, this is just to show you that it is a potentially better option than a sports drink. A few drinks in moderation after exercise has not shown any adverse effects in hydration levels post workout, but it does act as a central nervous system depressant.

All in all, alcohol is not the answer as an optimal rehydration drink, but every now and again after a workout (in moderation < 2) will not greatly affect your ability to recover.

As a side note - Alcohol has other health benefits too. Everyone has heard that drinking wine is good for the heart. The reason being that it raises your levels of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein)(good cholesterol). HDL/good cholesterol takes blood away from your artery walls thus helping prevent build up plaque/heart disease. LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)/bad cholesterol does the opposite, sticking to artery walls and clogging blood vessels. 

This again just means a drink or two in moderation will be fine. Just do not drink everything at once. Not advisable.  

*We do not condone underage drinking.

WhiteBoard Talks - Week 5 - Thursday

Topic - Wrapping up Nutrition

This will be the last part of the nutrition series focus.We will take the following week off from WhiteBoard Talks and then resume the following week with a new topic.

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