WhiteBoard Talks - Week One Recap

Day 1:

Food/nutrition can effect weight, sleep, mood, social interactions, recovery, athletic performance while battling chronic disease and more! 

First things first, what to eat:
“Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar”

What does this mean?

1) If you could not have harvested it out of your garden or farm and eaten it an hour later, it is not food.

2) Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store, and do not go down the aisles. 

3) If it has a food label on it, it is not food. You do not see a label on the chicken. It is not on the tomatoes. But it is on the chips and cookies. (If it has an ingredient list on the packaging it is not a real food)

4) If it is not perishable, if it says “Best if used before 2020,” it is not food.

Proteins - You are what you eat, eats! Grass-fed organic, if not as lean of a cut as possible

Carbs - Try new vegetables - Eat the rainbow - Different color veggies bring different vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eat in season vegetables as much as possible

Fats - limited nuts and seeds, animal fats from grass-fed sources, grass-fed butters,  olive oil (raw/uncooked), avocados, coconuts (oil & meat)

Keep it simple!

 “Eat an adequate amount of protein, control carbohydrates and fill the rest with fat. Carbohydrate control is at the heart of this program”

-Greg Glassman

Day 2:

Off the Carbs, Off the Couch.

WOD scores are getting better in the gym, and we are getting stronger. Are we still retaining unwanted body fat? What is the first thing we would ask? (How is your nutrition/diet?)

That leads us back to the Pyramid. Food/nutrition supports everything that comes afterword. We do not want to build the pyramid upside down. Keep yourself accountable by making the order of development a priority.

Let’s talk about what off the carbs, off the couch means.

Start with the easy one!

Off the Couch.

By being here, in the gym, on a regular basis. We are talking 3-5 days a week minimum, keeps you consistent. In turn, being consistent helps fight against sedentarism (the habit or practice of not moving or exercising). Sedentarism is a willful behavior, it is something you have a choice over and make a deliberate action on. By staying consistent within the gym we are fighting against sedentarism.

Off the Carbs

By using, “Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar” we are modifying the way we look at food. Now what we mean by “off the Carbs” is to not eliminate carbs completely from our diet. Carbs are a vital source of energy among other factors within our diet. When we say off the carbs what we really mean is - off of the excessive consumption of carbohydrates, particularly refined carbs and no sugar/added sugar.

Examples of refined carbohydrates:  chips, crackers, pretzels, white bread, pasta, sugary drinks, anything made with white or all purpose flour, 

Its best to limit/avoid refined carbs due to their inherent nature to digest very quickly which spikes insulin, when insulin is secreted or chronically elevated, fat accumulates in the fat tissue.

When insulin levels drop, fat escapes from the fat tissue and the fat depot shrinks.

We secrete insulin primarily in response to the carbohydrates in our diet.

Again this does not mean to eliminate carbs from our diet. This means trying to slowly eliminate refined carbs and all added sugars.