Weekly "Murph" Prep Challenge

“Murph” is on the horizon, and it is time to throw out a challenge. On-top of our normal programming, try to find time within the week to complete the Weekly Challenge. Each week will progressively add volume as we get closer to Memorial Weekend. As with class feel free to modify the Weekly Challenges as you would modify/scale a class workout. Again the goal is to slowly build up volume and endurance as we get closer to “Murph”, not to come out hot in week one.

Week One:

By the end of the week complete:

1 Mile Run
50 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
150 Air Squats

4 Days of Work: Pick one movement and complete all reps of the movement in the same day. Repeat until all movements are completed for the week. Each movement can be all at once, or by the end of the day.