CFEC 2020 Open Teams

The time has come! We have officially broken the gym into two teams. Team Alison vs. Team Colin! There was a highly structured way of making sure the teams are randomly drawn and separated without bias. We cut up the paper and then drew names out of a hat. If you do not see your name or would like to be added please contact me (Colin), and I will remedy the situation.

Team Alison:
Alison Stall
Branson Wilson
Kate Hill
Janie Cantrell
Tania Houjeiry
Ellis Wheat
Jarrett Miller
Logan Mower
Loraine Harris
John Roberts
Anden Pritchett
Rohit Karamchandani
Katie McElveen
Berkley Wilcox
Tracy Long
Sarah Williamson
Jake Tilley
AP Soliani
Rhonda McIntosh
Jenna Wilson
Lucas Shrout
Allison Thomason
Shawn Hanna
Austin Cates
Mark Brannon
Madeline Helms
Emmie Farish
Steven Christofides
Kirsten Lane
David Wolke
N8 Thomason
Nicole Bowen
Ben Thomas
Lindsey Leonard
Ryan Twitty
David Hinnant
Haley Strehlow
Dan Stall
Chad Brendle

Team Colin:
Colin Leonard
Chandler Johnson
Sergio Salas
Justin Thomas
Adam Blanton
Kathleen Dew
Paige Mower
Taylor Fitch
Blake Grice
Andrew Lauster
Michael Shearin
Kristy Tilley
Brian Cheek
Nick Meeks
Kaiden Myers
Kate Reeves
Nick Mauney
Shawn Trejbal
Chase Reeves
Clint Dunagan
Laura Hubbard
Connor Davey
Jon Rutter
Kristin Johnson
Charlie Jones
Kevin Uhrich
Samuel Brendle
Laurin Wilson
Carrie Pritchett
Andrew Major
Chris Johnson
Jeri Ann Smith
Matthew Hembree
Cylan Brissey
Josh Pritchett
Molly Rutter
Jeremy Gordet
Stone Foster
Eduardo Diaz
Jackie Dillon