Zen Tubing - CFEC Field Trip

July 21st - Zen Tubing in Asheville

Meet at the gym at 7:45am to leave by 8am

Arrive in Asheville at Zen Tubing by 10am (takes about an hour from arrival to actually get on the river)

$20 a person to tube (if we have more than 15 people the cost decreases to $15/person, and we always have more than 15 people)

$5 for a cooler tube

$5 to go down the river a second time (we only do a second trip down if the river is fast, right now its 2.5-3 hours, so probably just one trip down) - BRING CASH*****

Make sure you bring some sort of shoe (water shoes, old tennis shoes, etc. they wont let you tube without something on your feet)

Bring snacks, drinks, coolers (they do NOT allow glass)

Tacos afterwards so bring a change of clothes, towel etc…

Sign-up Sheet on the on the whiteboards at the gym. A group text will be put together in to send out any additional information, so be on the lookout for that as well.